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Via Sonzini, 25 73013 Galatina (Le) •0836564849 • 0836843111
Piazza del Popolo, 18 00187 Roma
Vicolo Valle 9, 37122 Verona
MediaSoft US c/o Fyberloom Inc.
95 Third Street 2nd Floor - San Francisco - California 94103 - United States of America

Senior Software Developer
Job Description
To join our development team dedicated to various projects of major Italian and foreign customers. We are looking for an experienced programmer to be placed in an inspiring and professional environment (adopting the SCRUM programming methodology).
It is important to be well preparaed, have excellent problem solving skills, and a lot of enthusiasm and desire for eventually serving as project manager and/or team leader, as well as a software architect. The inclusion in the company is a long term expetation: initially, the company offers a temporary contract with the prospect, after as little as of six months of fruitful collaboration and a positive review, a conversion into long term employment.

Skills and experience required
• solid basic training in the field of design and development of multi-channel software solutions (web, mobile, desktop);
• Knowledge of UML, Scrum, Design Patterns;
• ability to design relational database platforms MySQL, SQL Server;
• Extensive knowledge of SQL language;
• Knowledege of .NET, Objective-C, PHP, Java.
• strong propensity for problem solving;;
• Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
• Experience with cross-platform framework for mobile apps like PhoneGap or Cordova;
• knowledge of Corona SDK mobile development;
• Knowledge of non-relational DBMS (NoSQL).


Junior Software Developer
Job Description
The candidate will be inserted within agile development projects for major national and international clients. He/she will partner with one of our senior project managers, with the aim of developing web solutions (front-end and back-end) and custom modules primarily with Microsoft technologies .NET and PHP.
As part of the consulting and design activity, the company initially a temporary contract with the prospect long term employment, after as little as six months of fruitful collaboration and a postive review

Skills and experience required:
Development of user interface with: html5, xhtml, css3, javascript in, ajax, jquery, backbone and experience developing cross-browser/device testing and performance tuning. In-depth knowledge of issues related to usability; development of software solutions (for web and mobile channels) with technologies such as php, xml. Experience in the areas of site analitics, SEO, SASS. Must have a good knowledge of the basic techniques of OOP, know the main design patterns and be able to design and implement relational databases and DBMS such as MySQL, SQL server etc. (it is preferably to have knowledge of NoSQL DBMS or development experience with multi-platform frameworks like PhoneGap, Cordova, CORONA sdk, etc.).


PHP Web Developer
Job Description
PHP Web Developer with prospect of permanent employment. The candidate must have the ability to work independently with PHP, MySQL. Must have experience in HTML, CSS, W3C, and JS (preferably jQuery).

Skills and experience required
2/3 years of experience in PHP/MySQL projects (preferably Object Oriented) Must have experience in HTML, CSS, W3C, and JS frameworks (jQuery preferably).
Capacity for problem solving and analysis.
The candidate must be self-sufficient and highly motivated. We will give preference to candidates who:
- have had experience with jQuery and Ajax
- have had experience with Object Oriented Programming
- already have experience with the framework node.js


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